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February 18, 2022  admin No comments Photoshoots, Superman, Superman & Lois

Hello, here a new photo portrait of our favorite Clark Kent, from the season 2 of Superman & Lois.

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July 21, 2021  admin No comments Photoshoots

Hello, Tyler appears this week, in an article of Men’s Health, He did an amazing photoshoot for the event.

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Tyler Hoechlin distinctly remembers the day he was cast as The CW’s Superman in June of 2016. While driving back from a road trip to Zion National Park with his brother, Hoechlin received an unexpected phone call from his reps just as the pair was passing through Las Vegas. About a week earlier, he had met with executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg to discuss the idea of introducing the Man of Steel in the second season of Supergirl—but didn’t know what he was walking into until an hour before the meeting.

“One of my agents called me and said, ‘Hey, I think I might know what your meeting’s about.’ And they sent me this article that they were looking to cast Superman, and I was like, ‘Okay, maybe… Who knows?’” Hoechlin says over Zoom in a recent interview. “I went in and we talked for about a half an hour and got to know each other better. They said, ‘We’re looking to do this. Is that something you’d be interested in?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, sure. Let’s talk about it!’ We just talked about the character, what we found interesting about him, and it was just that one meeting.”

“I found out later through them that, apparently, that was the only meeting they took for the character,” he says with a laugh, “so they apparently saw something [in me].”

After making guest appearances on a bevy of Arrowverse shows, including Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, Hoechlin, who never planned to sign on for more than a couple of high-stakes crossover episodes, discovered that Berlanti and Todd Helbing were developing a new show about Superman and Lois Lane in late 2018. Nearly a year later, Superman & Lois was announced, tasking the famous power couple with their most relatable challenge yet: parenting two teenage boys (among other things in Smallville).

“I always say that it’s not the role that I ever envisioned myself playing, but I think that’s maybe why I’m able to play it the way that I have been,” Hoechlin admits. “It’s been a lot of fun, and thankfully, it’s worked. I grew up with the idea of playing Batman, and I think if I was playing Batman, I’d be very aware that I was playing Batman. So it almost helps in the sense that, for whatever reason, this wasn’t in the forefront of my mind, and it’s made it easier to take on the role.”

FROM THE TIME he was cast more than five years ago, Hoechlin has worked diligently to emulate the Man of Tomorrow’s trademark physique, which he considers “a huge part of the character.” As a former college baseball player for Arizona State and UC Irvine, the 33-year-old says he’s adopted a similar mentality to prepare for his most physically demanding roles, from his early days as Derek Hale on MTV’s supernatural teen drama Teen Wolf to his current portrayal of Clark Kent (and that legendary alter-ego).

“For me, I appreciate and am excited about the challenge of it,” Hoechlin says of his physical transformation into the iconic superhero. “This isn’t a movie; it’s not like a few months of prep, a few months of shooting, and you’re done. We’ve been shooting for 10 months [this season], and next year will be at least seven, and it’s going to be a yearly thing. So I really looked forward to the challenge of not getting to that place but maintaining it for hopefully a long time.”

Since beginning production on the freshman season of Superman & Lois last October, the cast and crew have worked under strict Covid-19 protocols in Vancouver, which has eliminated the opportunity to train at a proper gym altogether. Hoechlin admits that, while the circumstances have not been ideal, he has been able to use “the tools and knowledge” that he acquired from working with past trainers and strength coaches, such as David Buer, to facilitate his own workouts remotely.
“I really looked forward to the challenge of not getting to that place but maintaining it for hopefully a long time.”

“I love my weights, and I’ve got a little bit of a set-up here to do what I can. A lot of dumbbell work, a lot of bench, a couple cables and things like that,” he explains, later adding that he uses the incline chest press in workouts to build up Superman’s broad chest. “So just pushing as much as I can with as high a weight as I can. Over the last couple of years, I’ve leaned out, and that’s mainly because of diet, I would say. I really don’t do a ton of cardio just because I’m trying to build and maintain.”

“So for me, if anything, I’ll get a couple of days of weight-lifting in where I’ve got my tempo up a little bit more and a little less time in between sets to keep the heart rate going,” he adds, referring to the HIIT workouts and supersets that make up a normal part of his daily routine. “But other than that, cardio’s been a bit of a no-show in my repertoire this year.”

For the better part of the last three years, Hoechlin had avoided carbohydrates and maintained a ketogenic diet. But after watching the controversial Netflix documentary Seaspiracy in March, the actor had a change of heart. He switched to a vegan diet for about a month and then to a vegetarian diet with some eggs after discovering the difficulty of finding “good, complete proteins without getting too many carbs” with just vegan options. “For me, it’s all about performance and how you feel and what you’re getting out of the food that you’re putting into your system,” he explains.

“The one constant for me, though, is no sugar. I don’t like any added sugars. I have very little, if I do, like fruit before a workout to get some natural sugars. But for the most part, I try to keep that as low as humanly possible,” he says. “I reached out to a nutritionist here in Vancouver when I was thinking about switching things up, so it’s always good to check in with somebody and run through what your habits are and what you’re looking to get out of, hopefully, new habits.”
AFTER A YEAR that has highlighted the value of human connection, Hoechlin notes that the timing of this new iteration of Superman and Lois’ love story has serendipitously coincided with a heightened awareness of the importance of “family and those things that really matter.”

“There’s so many things that I think we all got caught up in, feeling like they were so important. But they all disappeared, they were rescheduled, they were cancelled, and the only thing you’re left with is those relationships that you have,” he says. “I love the fact that we’re able to focus on that in this show. It’s irreplaceable. We can try as much as we want to find things to fill in those gaps, but at the end of the day, it’s about the connection with people. When we all pass, those are the things that live on. I think that’s the true impact you have that moves forward.”
While this role will be just one of many impressive credits that he will add to his résumé, Hoechlin, who did not watch any past interpretations of Superman to prepare for this role, hopes that his portrayal of the Man of Steel will make one thing abundantly clear: Good is not boring.

“I think that’s always the slam on Superman. He’s a boy scout; he always does the right thing. There’s nothing interesting about him just because he’s always so predictable, and I just find that fascinating because it’s not the usual thing,” he says with a smile. “You always say, ‘How many people do you know who do the right thing all the time?’ It’s not easy, so I find it more fascinating than I find it boring that someone can be that selfless, that giving, that content with having the capabilities of taking over the universe, and saying, ‘No, no, what I have is enough, and that’s not my place. That’s not for me.’”

He continues: “Someone asked me, ‘Why do we need Superman now?’ Well, he does stand for hope. And hope is not something that once we get it, we got it, we’re good and it’s done. It’s a constant. It needs to be refilled. New things happen all the time, and we’ve got to be able to look forward and have a hopeful outlook for the future. Otherwise, what are we doing?”

January 31, 2020  admin No comments Photoshoots

Hello, here the photos HQ from the photos portraits session for the Sundance film festival 2020.

tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf

July 01, 2018  admin No comments Photoshoots

Hello, thank you to Vk.Com for this old photoshoots from Doug English (Reflect it Back) and Robbie Fimmano (Interview Magazine).

tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf

June 19, 2018  admin No comments Photoshoots

Hello, we have 08 new photoshoots from the magazine So It Goes by Nathan Seabrook.

tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf

October 31, 2016  admin No comments News, Photoshoots, Videos

Hey, new photoshoot by Celeste Sloman for Observer.

tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf

Tyler Hoechlin, Man of Steal-ing Your Heart

“Glasses on or off?” Tyler Hoechlin asks, sitting down before we began recording video.

When you’re playing Superman, the choice of whether or not you’re wearing glasses is no doubt something of which you become profoundly aware. There’s a bit of glare coming from the window, reflecting into the lens, so the glasses are retired and Hoechlin goes less “Clark Kent” and more “Man of Steel.”

“This was one of the rare times where there was no audition,” Hoechlin (pronounced Heck-lin) said of his role on Supergirl as Kara’s more famous cousin. “I had a meeting with the producers and the creator, and I was told it was about Superigirl, but nothing really in detail and then when I got there they mentioned that they were introducing Superman to the show and asked whether I had any interest in talking about that. We just had a great conversation about the character — what we found interesting about him, different themes we’d want to explore with the character if we were to do it, and I think we were just all on the same page. That was a Monday and Friday, we got the call that we were getting the offer and that was it.”

Of course, looking like Superman is a prerequisite to playing him. Dark hair? Defined jawline? Blue-green eyes? Biceps a less professional journalist would drool over? Check, check, check, check. Even Hoechlin’s stubble (which he has to shave twice a day in order to convincingly play Metropolis’s clean-shaven Boy Scout of a protector), something that should distinguish the actor from the character, just contributes to the aura of hyper-masculinity that defines Superman.

“I wasn’t a comic book fan growing up,” Hoechlin confessed. “I was a fan of the characters, but in terms of the comics, I was a massive jock when I was a kid.”

I feign surprise.

“I played baseball year round from the time I was nine years old, every single weekend. I think when I was twelve years old we had a year where we played a hundred and ninety games, in a year, so we actually outdid a major league baseball schedule. So I was either on-set, doing an audition, reading a script, or on the baseball field. And school,” he adds, smiling. “School was mixed in there, as well.”

Hoechlin, who also played Derek Hale on Teen Wolf, reminds me of the boy you had a crush on in high school, the one who was the star of whichever sports team was most important in your region, who was dating the most popular girl in school, but was still always nice to you. He seems like the type of guy who’d be really appreciative of you giving him an answer on the Econ homework.

Last march’s Batman vs. Superman, an exhausting exercise in sepia tones and flashbacks, featured Henry Cavill alternatively brooding and angrily brooding. A memorable review from the A.V. Club described the actor in Man of Steel as follows: “”Cavill — whose performance involves more posing than acting — is alternately presented as an alien messiah, a superweapon, and an American flag flapping in the wind; the one thing he never gets to be is a character.”

Turns out, what Superman needed was the CW—and Hoechlin.

Hoechlin’s Superman is – dare I say it? – fun. He plays Clark Kent as the right amount of bumbling—comic relief that never threatens to reach ice-cream-cone-in-the-face levels of silly. And his Superman is serious, sure, but with evidence of personality, of charisma, behind the jawline such that he never feels like a model in a superhero-themed perfume ad.

In season one of Supergirl, Superman was largely absent, appearing most often as a text message from “Clark” to Kara offering encouragement at opportune moments.

On the rare occasions he was shown in the flesh, it was largely from behind, always with a glare across his face acting as empty white space that might has well have read, “INSERT ACTOR HERE ONCE CAST.” His role in Kara’s story was symbolic not substantive.

But at the beginning of season two, we got to meet him for the first time, and Hoechlin had the opportunity to turn Superman into his own character, not just a footnote in Kara’s story.

“Superman has been around for a while at this point,” Hoechlin said of his arc on Supergirl. “This isn’t an origin story, so he’s well-versed in what he does. Coming in and working with Kara is the new dynamic, something he’s adjusting to: working as a team and having someone who’s very much on the same page as him.”

After two episodes fighting alongside his cousin, Superman felt it was time to leave National City to get back to Lois Lane and his job at the Daily Planet. There’s been no official word on whether or not Hoechlin will be back on Supergirl.

But we all know that on his planet, the “S” means “hope.” Let’s allow that to comfort us while we wait to see whether we’ll see Hoechlin’s Superman again.

October 24, 2016  admin No comments Photos, Photoshoots

Hello, “The Supergirl star gets his first taste of bespoke suiting thanks to Cifonelli creative director John Vizzone.”
(From Barneys).

tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf

For actor Tyler Hoechlin, it’s easy to look super on camera. Starring as Clark Kent on the CW’s hit show Supergirl, Hoechlin effortlessly embodies the all-American good looks and easy charm that the role has become known for. When it comes to his personal style off-camera, though, he’s the first to admit that he’s only beginning to carve his path in the world of fashion.

“When I started Teen Wolf a few years ago, my personal style was very much basketball shorts, tennis shoes or maybe sandals, T-shirts, and a baseball hat,” Hoechlin tells The Window. “It’s evolved and grown, and I’m learning to appreciate the artistry of fashion. I’m trying to look a little more ‘adult’ at times.”

There are few items in a man’s closet that project that sense of ‘adult’ style more confidently than a suit, all the more so when it’s a custom, made-to-measure suit from the renowned craftsmen at Cifonelli. Barneys was thrilled to have the opportunity to pair Hoechlin with the brand’s creative director, John Vizzone, to take him through the process of creating his first bespoke piece.

“For an athletic guy like Tyler, guys who tend to have a very full chest or strong shoulders with a narrow waist, but who still want to look perfect, that’s the ideal client for made-to-measure,” Vizzone says.

Beyond his build, Hoechlin is also the perfect made-to-measure client thanks to his increasingly discerning tastes. “We’re catering to the man today who’s a little more sophisticated, with more of a fashion eye—‘fashion’ as far as being more educated in terms of what he wants to look like,” Vizzone tells us. “Maybe he likes jackets a little shorter or pants a little more narrow, and he’s able to interpret that through made-to-measure.”

Scroll on for an inside look as Vizzone works with Hoechlin and one of Barneys’ tailoring experts to go through the process of creating a custom suit. Feeling inspired to put your own spin on one of Cifonelli’s classic pieces? Simply contact one of our Flagship locations to make an appointment with a tailor today. And in the meantime, head to Barneys to check out Cifonelli’s distinctive ready-to-wear offerings.

October 12, 2016  admin No comments Photoshoots

Hi, we have + 05 new photoshoots portraits for The Wrap. (HQ soon)

tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf tyler hoechlin teen wolf