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August 03, 2015  No comments News, Twitter

Hello guys ! We were thinking about a project for Tyler’s birthday (September 11th) that we will be doing together AND at the same occasion that we are proud of him, of his new project even if we miss him so much in Teen Wolf except that we don’t have a lot of time to do it so we need to do it quickly and with everyone ! It’s a national project ! We will reunite French, English, Spanish, Australian, Brazilian fans ect.. ! It’s very important, we need to do this project together ! The end of the participation of the project will be September 4th.

Now, let’s talk about the project, the project consists to show to Tyler how much we are proud of him and do a video of yourself saying « I’m proud of you Tyler, happy birthday, I love you » (this is an example but you have to say everytime I’m proud of you Tyler and happy birthday in your video and you can add others sentences if you want like, « I miss you » if you’ve already met him.. + if you have his tee-shirt « We are all fighters » you can wear it for your video that would be pretty cool, if Tyler sees our video, he will be happy to see the tee-shirt).

And for people who don’t want to take a video, you can take a photo of you with a sign with writing « I’m proud of you Tyler, happy birthday ! » with a flag of your country 😉 and if you have his tee-shirt « We are all fighters » you can wear it for your picture that would be pretty cool too ! I remind you that you have to take a picture of yourself WITH the sigh NOT a picture of the sign please. Thank you.

Oh and I almost forget, the day of his birthday we need to put in TT (Trending Topics) an hashtag, and it will not be « #HappyBirthdayTylerH » it’s not really original, we want to do something new, so the hashtag will be « #WeAreProudOfYouHoechlin » , yes, we know it’s his birthday so why this hashtag, we talk about that with others account of Tyler and we think it’s a good idea to change, because we truly want to show him that we are proud of him, everything he did for his career, everything he will do pretty soon so!
You’ll can say happy birthday with this hashtag #WeAreProudOfYouHoechlin and everything you want !

We will do a montage of all your videos and pictures and we will add videos/pictures of him, of his roles ect… Send us your picture/video here : tylerhoechlinfr@gmail.com

And we will try to give in the video on a dvd at the convention in Belgium!
Please share this project !

Partners of this project : Tyler Hoechlin France, Tyler Hoechlin Brasil and Hoechlin Daily.

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