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September 28, 2015  No comments Convention

Hello, this week-end, Tyler was at the Were Wolf Con in Brussels. +090 photos.

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At this con (during panels), Tyler said :
– ” No matter what people say to you, don’t listen to them if its negative, it means absolutely nothing, you’re fan above them.”
– Hoechlin’s parents never told him to get “a real job” always supportive and his biggest fans.
– Favorite movies : The pirate of the caribbean & The Dark Knight.
– He would like to play a character no one would expect him to play and actually pull it of.
– “Be happy and make others happy”.
– Plans for the future : work wise is to keep doing movies, life wise is to be happy.
– He says : auditions are the worst thing ever.
– If he could be in a James Bond movie, he choose to play the bad guy, not James.
– Most beautiful thing was the first christmas together with his baby nephew.
– He’s most craziest moment is when he got on the plane to europe for 6 weeks with no plans.
– He’s wildest dream is to make movies he wants with the people he wants.
– Most embarrasing audition for Tyler was when he had to sing for a role and he can’t sing at all.
– Hoechlin’s theme song would be “Man in the mirror”.
– If he could change one thing in the world it would be intolerance.
– He grew up with the serie “Friends”.
– he would like to play a drama, it is on the way apparently…
– If he was not an actor, he was baseball coach or he would renovate homes.

And he said during the meeting room (saturday) :
– He is waiting news for a new project soon. If its positive, he will tell us on Twitter!
– He’s next destination for a holiday will be in Croatie.
– He wants to play a lot of differents roles, so he decided to not play a role in a long series, just appearances.

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